Monday, January 6, 2014

Muzaffarnagar Riots - Victims of Political War

Muzaffarnagar riots, handling of riot's victims and statements of its leaders were irresponsible and shameful. It has becomes even more grotesque when bestowed by the so called secular government of Samajwadi party. Justice and aid delivery both have been riding sloths in reign of Mulla Mulayam's son.

Management of rehabilitation work for the victims is not a rocket science and it could have been handled better. From the political point of view, especially when union elections are round the corner, there was no chance of lapses. I fail to understand why would any government not expedite the same more efficiently as it makes both political and governance sense.

Mulayam's USP has been his understanding of the mathematics of UP's caste politics.  He has mastered this art since late 80s. He may not have been the mascot of governance but his caste permutation and combination has kept him on center stage of UP politics. I am sure that he very well understands that a good majority of 18% Muslims of UP have been voting of his party.

This makes me think why would a seasoned politician like him handle Muzzaffarnagar riots in an unpopular and unsympathetic way. Why is he and his leaders using such language against the victims, how could he allow the riots to be manhandled to a such level. Why is he complicating the situation when he knows what is solution to the problem.

I do not wish to buy this argument that it is a simple case of mismanagement of relief work for riots victims. I have always believed that most of the time the final beneficiary of any event has some role in the event either frontal or in background. Thus it could also be inferred as a conspiracy to churn the caste alignments in Uttar Pradesh. As any shift of 2-3% votes from Mulayam will boost the fortune of both BSP or BJP.

I am in no way trying to justify or take favour of Mulayam Singh Yadav but some where I believe the entire saga is not as simple as it is being portrayed in media (which certainly has a sweetheart). The build-up to riots and the polarisation started long before riots. Those who express their sympathy with victims are no sympathizers either. 

Mulayam needs to take better control over the affairs and sort this out. Otherwise the way his sons has handled the law and order, it might well be the last government of the first time chief minister.